Why us?

1. Software Engineering Expertise

With a management team, where each one has over 15 years experience in software engineering / IT consultancy / IT project management we are equally trusted by our clients and experienced local developers who wish to join an interesting project for a European client.

2. Proactive attitude

We’ll bring in our ideas and proposals based on vast experience. Count on us to show a shortcut directions in the development process. Needed fixes will be delivered without delays for superfluous coordination efforts.

3. Flexibility and responsiveness

As young and dynamic company we can accommodate for changing requirements and emerging need for swift actions.

4. Fair evaluation and communication

We always provide our honest opinion when asked for an estimate or feasibility.  Even if evaluations are less pleasing we’ll put it through as it is ⁠— giving you a true perspective on the issue.

5. Flourishing local IT culture and abundant resources

Software development is a respected profession in Armenia and preferred path for many, if not most, smart young people. Earnings of a good developer are significantly above the average for graduated employees. This also attracts many talented engineers from other branches.

There are a several technical universities, plenty of providers of IT courses focusing on demanded niche skills, networking events for developers and a number of start-up competitions in Yerevan.

With several large IT companies employing over thousand developers and hundreds of smaller software companies the local employment market is quite active and can easily allow for quick engagement of a software engineer with a demanded skill set.

Industry insider

Software Engineering and IT Service Providers

Cloud Hosting, Web hosting, Software development agencies


Experience in development of software switching solutions for US telecom networks.

Financial Services

Long-year experience in delivering IT services to top-tier German banks.

Development, commissioning and maintenance of comprehensive ERP system for local and international insurance comapnies.

Public Mobility Services

Experience in engineering and delivering various solutions for railroad and bus networks.

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