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Recent and upcoming roadshow events
IT Forum ``Armenia and Oberfranken``

On 5.6.2019 in Bayreuth, Germany. Organized by IHK Bayreuth.

1st German-Armenian Business Forum

On 10.10.2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. Organized by German Eastern Business Association, German Business Association in Armenia and IHK Stuttgart.

How we work

We strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide you with quick and timely service.
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    Request and have a look at our company presentation, get answers to your questions.

    Have a face-to-face meeting ⁠— in our office in Yerevan or at your site ⁠— and recognize the benefits of our offerings and tell how these can be best utilized for your company.

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    We conduct face-to-face interviews to assess technical, domain and communication skills, as well as personal suitability and hand-pick perspective candidates with the profile your project needs.

    During subsequent video interviews with chosen applicants you can select members from our permanently growing team meeting your expectations at best.

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    Set up all systems and accounts as required in your project. All your new software engineers get to work side-by-side in our comfortably equipped office.

    Setup your agile team. We provide a Scrum Master and/or Project Manager on request. In smaller groups someone (e.g. a team lead) from your existing staff can manage the communication.

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    Your team gets into focused action, normally in an agile process maintaining frequent communication with counterparts on client side. We provide motivating environment covering all other issues - accounting services, workspace maintenance, office management, multilingual secretarial services, multilingual client account management.

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    We suggest arranging on-site performance reviews. A responsible manager from AKNA will visit your office to fine-tune communication procedures, present past progress and collect new targets to focus on.

    We also take care for professional growth of team members and offer free CTO-level guiding where needed.

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Our strategic partners and clients

Eccenca GmbH (Leipzig, Germany. Front-end development with React
Sloppy GmbH (Cologne, Germany). Delivering advanced cloud solutions
werkbad GmbH (Munich, Germany). Retail shop with customized 3D configurator
R.U.D.A. Services GmbH
R.U.D.A. Services GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
Freelance expertise (Berlin, Germany). Public Mobility and Railroad Services
Dilax Intelcom GmbH
Dilax Intelcom GmbH (Berlin) - Public Transport. Java, Angular, DevOps, Kubernetes
odin4 GmbH (Berlin) - IoT, Predictive Analytics, Power BI
KursOrganizer GmbH - React, TypeScript, GraphQL, NodeJs
Motorway Online Ltd.
Motorway Online Ltd.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to questions we think you might have. If your questions isn't answered here feel free to contact us anytime.

1. How long does it take to get started?

We have hundreds of developers on file and can quickly submit a CV of a adequately skilled and interested candidate for your consideration. Candidates offered can typically start in about a week.

If you need rare skills we can run targeted hiring campaign to present an optimal match to your requirements. This will usually take about a month.

2. Can I assign an acceptance test to a candidate?

All software engineers are ready to pass an acceptance test and provide you with sample of their work for their skills can be properly assessed.

3. What are working hours?

Typically IT staff works from 8.30 to 17.30 CET.  Adjustments can be made at client request.

4. Can I reach any team member any time?

All teams are dedicated to a particular client. Your team members work only on your project are not occupied with any other tasks. Feel free to call anyone as you would reach to an employee of your company working at another location.

5. Can I meet my developers?

If face-to-face meetings with developers are desired we’ll do our best to arrange this. Sometimes fastest for a client would be visiting our office in Yerevan.

6. Can a project manager attend meetings at our site?

Where required, our project manager, skilled in software engineering speaking English and German will regularly come to your premises to present the progress, take part in assignment of upcoming steps and to discuss any other issues.

7. How are my developers employed?

All our staff works in a regular permanent employment relationship at AKNA LLC.  This means 20 vacation days, paid sick days and maternity leave, income taxes remitted by the employer, full set of social security services contributions paid by the employer.

8. Do you speak German?

All of our management team, including CEO, CTO, Sales and Account Management, Program Management speaks good to fluent German and most have studied Computer Science at Universities in Germany.  Also, some developers and the administration staff speak German.

Client reviews

All of our past and present clients are happy with services we deliver.
CEO of a local consultancy


Insights from client communication data analysis presented in the report prepared by AKNA allowed our client to significantly reduce customer fluctuation rates.
AKNA LLC office location in 3/2 Moskovyan St., Yerevan, Armenia

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